#MorningMusings // Change of Pace

IMG_0011The sounds of a metal clashing against the side of a porcelain bowl wake me up this morning. It’s either Diego or Erika preparing their morning cereal. Most likely Erika, with her Organic Raisin Granola from Whole Foods. I wish I was awake enough to make fun of her for it, but if my voice cracks the jokes on me. I say nothing. I’m grateful for these friends and so appreciative for their hospitality. I adjust the covers from over my head to below my neck. Immediately I can smell the delightful scent of pine from the freshly cut Christmas tree a few inches from my feet. I stir and adjust again, noticing a warmth around my toes. It’s Max. A cute little miniature schnauzer in a sweater vest. To acknowledge him and thank him for his company I rub his belly with my wool socks. He loves it. He moans. This is a first. And almost as refreshing as last nights shower. I wouldn’t mind these every now and again. Now to go make a bowl of her cereal.

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