#MorningMusings // Rain

IMG_0048The rain came rather unexpectedly last night. The sound of a heavy rain hitting the top of my car wakes me up. Knowing exactly what it is and without any time to think I slammed the trunk and lunged for my still open front window. I left it open last night to create a small draft because it just felt too good to pass up. I rethink my decision, perhaps a mistake. Rain is coming in fast and my only goal is to keep it out. A wet car and clothes could keep me pretty busy in the morning. Still in the weird limbo between sleep and being awake I manage to get the car on from the back seat and roll up my window. Fwew. I’m safe. I roll back up in my sleeping bag, ignoring the wet front seat, and don’t wake up again till morning. 8:30 Still raining. I smile. That’s okay. I enjoy watching the rain drops race down my window. The condensation making the view behind them blurred, but still at the same time beautiful. A heavy fog fills the air outside, illuminating the contrast between the greens are browns of the trees and fall grass. Watching the droplets, I drift slowly back to sleep. My plan was to make pancakes. Not this morning.

See the video @ http://web.stagram.com/p/615982659331578307_27519245#m3ZAMFgcCbT9oAVv.99


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