#MorningMusings // To be Expected

5d1878846be711e3a3ef0e7d4056843c_8Warm thoughts. Think warm thoughts. It’s 34 degrees this morning and I’ll do anything to stay cocooned in my sleeping bag. My pillow is cold. So cold it feels wet, but I like it. I rub my face in it multiple times until the warmth of my skin reheats the pillow. This mornings’ wake up call is different. I can hear the opening of closing of car doors. The last few days of rain has caused the creek to rise a few inches, making this place somewhat of a not-so best kept secret. I open my eyes and see an older woman cupping her hands around my front window, peeping in. I’m startled, but I make eye contact to make it more uncomfortable for her than me. It works. She hurries back to her car and I can hear her say, “There is someone sleeping in there.” Feeling a little invaded I question, Who does that? Who looks through someone’s car like that? I get out to make it more awkward. She’s by her car now. “Sorry, sorry. We were just curious,” she says. “It’s okay” I say,trying to be friendly, but at the same time letting her know it’s not so polite to look through someone’s car especially when there are curtains. I smile and wave to let her know we are cool. She must feel so uncomfortable. I wait for her to leave and begin my morning routine. This stuff is bound to happen every once in awhile I guess. Just take it and run with it.

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