#MorningMusings // Early

a936089281fb11e3814912fd835e96ae_8It’s early. I slip on my sandals and grab my pack from the front seat that is already preloaded with the days essentials and slowly make my way up the small steps to the double glass doors of the YMCA. The only thing in my mind is the warm water that will run down my face and back from the locker room showers. This is where I bath. Not everyday, but on days where I need it. For $25 a month I have access to every Austin YMCA in the area. A water bill alone in this city is more expensive than that. I’m lucky. I guess privacy is a perk to your own bathroom, but I don’t mind. After you’ve seen so many old-people butts, you kind of just get used to it. I like getting here early to get dibs on the warmest water and best showers. I like the shower in the corner. It’s got the best water pressure and most room. I take my time. It’s a holiday today and my week doesn’t really start until tomorrow. The day is mine to do what I want with. All 86,400 seconds of it. What will I do next? My options are plentiful.

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