Todays Meal…..


Tuesday March 4th. 8:34pm
I can’t always cook out of the back of my car. Nor do I want to. Much like you at home, there are just sometimes it seems more worth-it to just just eat out. It’s easier, and there is very little mess to clean up. Now, don’t get me wrong I like cooking, even out of the back of my car. I just don’t like cleaning. And on days that its wet, cold and rainy I’d rather just eat and be inside instead of standing behind my car waiting for my food to finish cooking. So that’s what I do. Like today for example. Today, like most days, I’ve chosen to eat at my favorite grocery store in the whole entire world – HEB. I love this place. They have everything. Fresh bakery, hot bread, a decent selection of meats and cheeses, and of course, the cheapest prices around. And I guess if I’m honest with myself and you, I come here also because I just really enjoy walking around the isles searching and scanning for new meal ideas I can cook on the road. Its fun for me. Is that weird? I mean, I have to find something to do right? Listen, I sometimes eat at restaurants too, but more often that not, I just like my grocery stores. And for the days when I cook out of my car, its as easy as grabbing some kind of stove or skillet entrée from the frozen food section, perhaps even a few fresh vegetables if i’m feeling saucy, and head back to the parking lot for a quick easy meal. Not to mention, really easy clean up – It’s in a bag. But today, because its wet and cold, I went with a hot delicious mesquite barbecue rotisserie chicken on a fresh bed of arugual, cabbage and baby spinach wrapped in warm tortillas. Yum! I stuck the tortillas in the warmer as I waited to check out and grabbed them as I found my table in HEB’s cafe. Perfect. I chose this particular option today for no other reasons than it looks delicious and the fact that the greens and the chicken were on sale. #score. Throw in some raw Kombucha and the total cost of todays meal – 10 bucks. #GeeThanksHEBcoupons. Not bad considering I can keep the chicken and greens refrigerated in this cold weather and find a microwave somewhere tomorrow to heat it up for my lunch. I sit down with my warm delicious meal, grab a small raspberry dressing from the salad bar and consume this deliciousness before I jump on their free wifi #NoComplaintsHere #Hotelprius

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