4 Reasons why I prefer #PriusLife over #Vanlife


Once a week I am asked the question, “Have you ever though about living out of a van instead?” To that question I have a few answers.

1. I don’t own a van.

Living in a van requires buying a van, which would require selling my Prius and spending more money, which I’m not willing to do. The whole point of living out of #hotelprius for me is not because I wanted a “cool” lifestyle, but because I’m using my immediate resources (the things I already had) and using them to get ahead. I live in my Prius to save money. It is why I decided to live out of it in the first place. – to save money instead of throwing it away on rent. AND, just as an added bonus, I have the mobility to say yes to a job opportunity when it presents itself.  The truth is, it wasn’t supposed to take this long. I’m still searching and using my free time to search for jobs, but its hard work. I’m looking for a job that propels me forward, not keeps me stagnant.

As if I needed another reason, but also…

2. Vans are overrated.

It’s the “cool thing” to have a van. In fact, Vans these days have increased in price value because of this very reason – people think its cool to live out of them. It’s hipster. And while they may have more room and can probably store a little more stuff, #HotelPrius serves me just fine. I don’t need more room. I don’t need more stuff. Life is complicated enough, I chose to live simply.

3. Van’s are not nearly as efficient.

Vans aren’t that much cooler and don’t really offer that much incentive to justify the cost of gas. Most vans have what? a bed? a stove? A few cabinets? curtains, storage? #hotelprius has those things, just slightly more compact. I’ve learned to fit just as much. In fact, I was just watching a video of Alex Hodald’s van [click here] and I can honestly say that everything he fits in his van, I do too. Including the solar panel for charging electronics. He just has a bigger solar panel which produces slightly more more power. Sure his bed is bigger, but that’s because he needs it; he’s 6.1. Truth is, #hotelprius has everything a van does, just way better fuel efficiency.

4. I like #HotelPrius. It’s Unique.

Sure there are people everywhere living out of their car and I’m sure there are a people living of their Prius. But I can almost guarantee you, there is no one who lives out of his or her Prius, the way I do. Not this efficiently and not with all the accommodations that mine has. Twin bed, closet, stove, fridge, pantry, attic (cargo bag), bike rack, solar panels, hatch tent, cooler.  Guaranteed. Unless of course they follow my blog!


Alex’s Van- Check it out


Truth is, I love vans!  They are pretty awesome. If I had one I would definitely live out of it during this season of life (and probably drive less) if I had the option. But I don’t have one, and have a Prius instead. I just have other priorities in life at the moment and will be in this prius until I get there. I’m learning to be content with what I have. That’s the real answer.



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