Inside #Hotelprius: EXCLUSIVE LOOK

There is a lot that goes into living out of a car. For this post, Ive added some text to a few pictures to show you exactly how I have organized my Prius into a fully functional efficiency apartment. Complete with Bed, table, stove, desk, coffee table, pantry, closet, laundry room, mailbox, bathroom, curtains, bike, fan, basement and attic!

Gotta see it to believe it.

14 thoughts on “Inside #Hotelprius: EXCLUSIVE LOOK

  1. I do the same!! But with a Nissan juke and not as efficiently as you lol

    Thanks for sharing!! Indeed awesome.

    I’d love to chat and share stories – email me 🙂

  2. Love your blog. Can you share how you made the cooking table for the Prius? I’ll be living in my Prius for a month while camping in Utah and visiting all the great National Parks that it has.

    • Thanks Susie. Pretty simple I just used white board and drill holes into it or easy slide out. There’s a video on YouTube about it. Hope this helps

      • I have a Habitent for Prius lease I just turned in. Used it once. If ur not familiar w it, ck it out. Mine is for sale, will not fit Subaru Forester.

  3. This is awesome. I live out of my Subaru Forester for 3 months every year, and I am nowhere near this organized. I love the idea of curtains… Where did you get them? How do you hang them?

    • Thank you so much. Actually made them. Very simple actually, all I bought were some pillowcases and a quarter inch dowel rod from Home Depot and attached two nails to the end. I have a video online walking you through the process. Just Google Hotel Prius and you should see some videos. Cheers. Best of luck

  4. I understand that a Prius can be left running in a certain way that can control the interior temperature (either w/AC or heat on) while you sleep the night. I have a 2014 and have tried it with the car fully running and the thermostat set; I’ve also tried it when it’s not “fully running” (when you’ve turned on the accessories but do not have to step on the brake to use the start button). In the latter situation, I had the A/C turned on and it was blowing cold (becuz I’d been using it while driving) but after turning it off and then restarting w/out pressing the break so only certain accessories worked, the cold air soon became the outside hot air as tho only the blower but no cooler was Must the car actually be running to automatically control the temperature all night long? Even when running, will it do that?

    • It’s not a good idea to leave your car running overnight. Cost is not worth it. Too much wear and tear on the very expensive internal battery.

      You risk not being able to get start the car the next morning and having to replace your battery.

      Get a small usb fan if you need.
      And get a heavy sleeping bag.
      It’s just the way that it is.

      A solar panel will also keep your batteries longer.

      It’s a prius.

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