Inside #Hotelprius: EXCLUSIVE LOOK

There is a lot that goes into living out of a car. For this post, Ive added some text to a few pictures to show you exactly how I have organized my Prius into a fully functional efficiency apartment. Complete with Bed, table, stove, desk, coffee table, pantry, closet, laundry room, mailbox, bathroom, curtains, bike, fan, basement and attic!

Gotta see it to believe it.


9 thoughts on “Inside #Hotelprius: EXCLUSIVE LOOK

  1. I do the same!! But with a Nissan juke and not as efficiently as you lol

    Thanks for sharing!! Indeed awesome.

    I’d love to chat and share stories – email me 🙂

  2. Love your blog. Can you share how you made the cooking table for the Prius? I’ll be living in my Prius for a month while camping in Utah and visiting all the great National Parks that it has.

    • Thanks Susie. Pretty simple I just used white board and drill holes into it or easy slide out. There’s a video on YouTube about it. Hope this helps

  3. This is awesome. I live out of my Subaru Forester for 3 months every year, and I am nowhere near this organized. I love the idea of curtains… Where did you get them? How do you hang them?

    • Thank you so much. Actually made them. Very simple actually, all I bought were some pillowcases and a quarter inch dowel rod from Home Depot and attached two nails to the end. I have a video online walking you through the process. Just Google Hotel Prius and you should see some videos. Cheers. Best of luck

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