#MORNINGMUSINGS // My Morning View

Heavy eyelids. Heavier with each passing moment as I stared out the windshield across my steering wheel into the darkness. Only my headlights and the moon illuminating the road in front of me. It was time to pull over and sleep. I hadn’t realized it but I had been climbing in elevation as I cornered the last long and windy bend into my parking place for the night. I crawled onto my soft, but chili bed and fell immediately asleep. I awake. My eyes open slowly and adjust to the sliver of sun peaking over the Shenandoah mountain landscape in the far distance. It is completely and utterly silent. I am up even before the birds. I’ve almost forgotten what silence sounds like. I reach for my phone as if to think it was actually possible to capture a moment such as this. I set the phone down and take a deep breath, doing my best to take in this moment as best I can. I shuffle in my sleeping bag and immediately notice the damp cool due that has accumulated around my feet. I left the hatch open last night, too tired to remember to close it. For several moments I stare at through the back of #hotelprius admiring the beauty and the magnitude of the mountains I have just met. If these mountains had eyes, I can imagine them saying to me “Stare at me as long as you like.”

2 thoughts on “#MORNINGMUSINGS // My Morning View

  1. Dear Chris,

    I’m one of the leading freelance car journalists in Germany working for the newsagency dpa, the newspapers DIE WELT, FRANKFURTER ALLGEMEINE ZEItUNG and TAGESANZEIGER ZÜRICH (Switzerland) as well as the magazines AUTOBILD (Germany) and AUTOMOBIL REVUE (Switzerland) and some major websites like http://www.spiegel.de.

    After stumbling into your blog, I would love t do a story about you and your adventurous Hotel Prius on http://www.spiegel.de. Could you please send me a set of pics, that I could use for that and can we set up a 15 minute interview within the next days?

    Thank you in advance. Best regards,


    Thomas Geiger
    Redaktionsbüro Geiger
    Grüner Weg 13
    D-35578 Wetzlar (Germany)
    Phone: +49 171 4121720
    Fax: +49 6441 212863
    Mail: Redaktionsbuero.Geiger@t-online.de


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