You can be comfortable or courageous, but you can not be both.


Today I’m learning that comfort and courage can not coexist. To be courageous means to confront yours fears, to be bold, and to step out into the unknown. This process by it’s very nature, is uncomfortable. I will admit I don’t mind being courageous. I love being comfortable more. Truth is, I have a very difficult time being courageous when it comes to making big commitments and signing contracts. Commitments scare me because I’m afraid to be stuck. If im honest, I think it’s more about me wanting to have control. For the past year I have had no ties to anyplace. no contract, no leases, no commitments of any kind. One might call it, an experiment of life untethered. To some, my particular lifestyle could be considered “true freedom,” but I would question if that is really true. I’m learning that commitments aren’t necessarily a bad thing and like with anything, it’s about finding a healthy balance.


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