Snowflakes: Their beauty defined by the scars of their journey

As the first snow falls in Nashville, I am reminded of the beauty and unique intricacies of the individual snowflake.


In 1951 a man by the name of Wilson Bentley coined the phrase “no two snowflakes are like.” Fascinated by the beauty and individuality of snowflakes since childhood, Bentley dedicated years of his adult life collecting the snowflakes on glass plates and photographing them before they melted. Accredited for more than five thousand photographs of snowflakes, published in numerous scientific journals, Bentley concluded that thousands of factors contribute to the creation of a snow crystal, factors such as temperature of the sky, density of the air, wind speed, trajectory, and altitude of the cloud from which the crystal falls. According to Bentley, it is theoretically improbable that any two snowflakes resemble the exact same geometric shape anywhere in the world.

This morning as I lay cocooned in the warm sleeping bag of #HotelPrius, watching the small snowflakes collect on the glass of my rear hatch window, I am reminded not only of the scars that each snowflake bears on its journey, but also the scars I bare as well. An inevitable part of life.

It is nothing new to anyone to hear that experiences undoubtedly have the ability to shape who we are. There are the good ones that we have learned to love and appreciate, and there are the painful ones that scar us, leaving us feeling broken and insecure.

My encouragement today is for anyone that might be going through a stormy season in their life right now.

Hang on. You are a becoming a beautiful snowflake. Enjoy the ride as best as you can. Know that the weather will pass and that you are on a journey that is far from over. Where you land is not important. What is, is the fact that you are unique and special. There is no one else in the world like you. Rest assured that you are also not alone and there are other beautiful people in this life that have ridden out this storm before, in the same conditions.

Your journey, your experiences and your pain are what make you you. They are what make you uniquely you. It is what makes you beautiful!

Inspiration and information about Wilson Bentley gathered from Donald Millers book: A Million Miles in a Thousand Years. Go check it out!

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