Lesson 7: Spending Too Much time Alone is Dangerously Unhealthy


I’ve learned I am much happier doing nothing with someone than doing anything by myself.

Its true. I think that is because humans, much like many animals, were just not designed or meant to live alone. Now don’t get me wrong, I think being alone sometimes is important and certainly needed, especially for an introvert like myself. I would argue however, that being alone for long periods of time is not just a bad idea, but straight-up unhealthy. Let me explain.

I am the type of person that “recharges” when I spend time away from other people. But just like with iphones, if I leave it recharging too long, the battery begins to wear and over time the iphone (myself) looses the ability to recharge the way it was meant to.

The problem with spending too much time alone is after enough time, there is a tendency to only think about me. This is expected I guess, because there is no one else around to think about. What inevitably ends up happening in these long periods of isolation is I somehow trick myself in to believing that all space in my space and all time is my time. I begin to feel entitled. I start to become short-fused and much more frustrated by other people who infringe on my time and space (especially in traffic). The problem with this is, there is no one around to contend with this lie I have convinced myself of – that I am the best and most important person in my world. This lie, given enough time, roots itself deep into my being and I slowly become more unaware and even less curious of the other people around me. I become more and more self-centered and am only in-tune to my needs rather than accepting the reality that I am not the only person in the universe.

You can see how this is a problem.

To put simply, being alone makes me behave like an ass. And nobody wants to be around an ass. Henceforth a vicious cycle of being alone manifests itself, and if one is not careful, the damage can cost many unhappy years of living life alone and bitter because the world is not catering to ones needs.

One thought on “Lesson 7: Spending Too Much time Alone is Dangerously Unhealthy

  1. Hi Chris my name is Grace, I am brand new to your blogs but I have found your postings quite interesting. You blog about “time alone is dangerously unhealthy” was one of the blogs that I feel I can fully recognize, appreciate and find similar understanding of what is being conveyed. I just wanted to say how you seemed to describe your experience in this area were so truthfully and accurately depicted. It really feels spot on and relatable. I think I find solace in knowing that I am not the only one that has felt this way. I fully agree with you that an entitlement feeling begins to take over your perceptive; it truly is never a good felling to have because it can also make you feel less like the person you see yourself as. As much as alone time allows your mind and body to recharge it can also make viewing others and the world around you seem more narrow and distorted then it really is. I am learning all of this as I am learning more about myself. However, i would like to think of it as, that old saying “a little of a good can go a long way and too much of anything is not always a good thing. You just seemed to explain things so articulately in your blog and it really is about learning to find balance in your life.

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