Lesson 14: Starting New Friendships is NOT as Fun as Starting New Restaurants

FullSizeRender 22If you have ever wondered how #hotelprius funds its adventures, restaurant startups is your answer. As an experience server, educator, and all around efficiency efficinato , I had this great idea once.

My idea? I would combine all the things I was good at and pursue a field that could benefit from my skillsets and experiences. I wasn’t looking for a career, just something to give me an excuse to travel. After some thought, an idea come to the forefront. But in order to make it seem “legit” to the outside world, I needed a fancy title. So I made it up.

I now call myself a “Quality and Efficiency Specialist.” (I may be giving my secrets away here but I don’t care.)

Now, I make a living by jumping on board promising restaurant start-ups in new-to-me-cities and teach what I know about efficiency and the customer service experience. It is my excuse to travel, and it’s a great excuse to try new delicious food from chefs all over the world. The secret to my success? With proper timing and marketing, most restaurants are successful in the first 90 days. Why? Simply because people love new food and new experiences and there will be always be people wanting to try a local food source in their city. Essentially, I make my money from tips delivering stellar service and promising to bring in positive reviews. With each new restaurant and new city I drive into, comes with it a new set of people.

What I’ve leaned, investing in restaurants is easy. Investing in friends is much harder. With new restaurants, the order of action is, I come in, present my knowledge, implement some efficiency strategies and teach it to the team when needed. The tools for my work exists in document form on my computer and my initial investment is minimal, but highly educational and productive. When it’s over, I walk away with more experience, full pockets, and a sweet lingering taste in my mouth.

My new made friends on the other hand, not as easy. Simply because investing in people is much different than investing in restaurants. There are no easy tools and efficiency tactics to be a good friend. Only time and a willingness to be venerable and show your true self is how to be successful in this market. True friendships, well they take time that a 90 day period most always doesn’t allow. When I leave a restaurant my job is done and I don’t need to come back. With new friends however, that is never my intention. I don’t want to be a friend for 90 days and leave, but inevitably that is what ends up happening. Starting a new restaurant is always fun. Starting new friends over and over, not so much. Unfortunately, I don’t have an answer to how to maintain long lasting frienships while only being in a city for only a few months. I wish I did. If this lifestyle has taught me anything though, it is that I CAN’T do this forever, (at least not in #hotelprius), but it is a great way to travel and make money and gain experience at the same time.

5 thoughts on “Lesson 14: Starting New Friendships is NOT as Fun as Starting New Restaurants

  1. I just discovered your blog. Funny, I have the same Prius and doing basically the same thing. As for making friends, I worked last summer season at Yellowstone National Park and made a lot of friends that I will keep for life. You might like to try that for a season.

    • I totally know what you mean by remaining friends with people when only being in a place for so long. Two years ago I left Germany to go to school in New Zealand – for a year. After that year I stayed another one, but had to change schools. So there I was, my friends in Germany I haven’t talked to in ages (12 hours time difference doesn’t help that either), my friends in New Zealand (mostly Germans themselves, which had gone back home already) didn’t live anywhere close to me, so there I was at 15yo without any people to talk to and staying with a host family I had never met before. But hey, after another years at another school I had made great friends – leaving them again just sucked. And the worst thing is knowing that I won’t be able to keep in touch with them on a regular basis, but especially I will miss the new family that I found on the other side of the world.
      Anyways, so here I am back home in Germany. My friends here are all changed (puberty did its thing), my former clique is all broken up and I don’t really have any friends.
      But hey – in 5 months I am off to live in Scottland. And blogs like yours/people like you show me every time that it is possible to live this lifestyle for a while and though the friendships might suffer a little, it is always totally worth the experience!! Love this blog, keep us posted what’s going on in your life:)

      • Hey! I live in New Zealand. Hiiiiiii
        (Absolutely love the blog by the way, totally inspiring. We can learn so much from others stories and yours is worth ten pots of gold! )

  2. You’re pretty friggin awesome. Thanks for being you, publishing this blog, and motivating me too be me. March 28th – April 10th, there’s going to be the Southeast GTG, which is a get together for vandwellers happening in Georgia. It’ll probably be my maiden voyage, thanks to some amazing, encouraging, supportive, wise people, like yourself. If you’re in the area, stop by. I would love to thank you in person.

    • Oh man, wish I could make it. I would love to meet like-minded people. Let me know if you are ever in Austin. Happy adventuring!!

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