Hello my friends!
It’s been awhile. I want to first welcome all the new followers to the blog and say thank you to everyone who has commented, liked, or posted over the last year since I’ve been away. Your words have been a pleasure to read and have brought me tons of encouragement to me as I’ve made yet another big transition in my life.

To catch you up quickly:
Since #HotelPrius ended back in June of last year. Quite a lot has happened. Of course so much more has happened but I’ll share with you highlight real:

  • I bought a camper in Tennessee. It was old and crappy.
  • I renovated it and nicknamed it #MotelCamper #GoogleIt
  • I lived out of it for 6 months and moved back to Austin Read about it.
  • I listed it on Airbnb and it got some attention. House Beautiful Magazine Article
  • I bought another camper, renovated that and put that on Airbnb.  Check it out.
  • I then helped a friend build a real life #TinyHome and learned a ton!
  • From there I started a company called #HomeIsHowYouBuildIt converting vans, campers and buses for those who wanted to live on the road.
  • My first client was @JaxAustin and his Short Bus Dan. Check out his Daily YouTube
  • Since January I’ve been nonstop converting vans and buses and campers alike. Check out my Instagram and see all the progress. Click here. You may have to do some scrolling. 🙂

It’s been nuts to say the least. After spending 15 months full-time in a prius at an average speed of 65 miles an hour, to full-time starting a business at an average speed of 120 miles an hour, I’m exhausted, but proud. I’m more stressed than I have ever been, but I could say I’m also the most fulfilled. Living in #HotelPrius was and has been one of the greatest experiences of my life simply because it allowed me to get where I am. It was no doubt the catalyst for what I do today. But the journey isn’t over yet.

As of yesterday, I’m back on the road for a bit and planned to do some writing and a little vacationing. #HotelPrius is outfitted up and I’m currently in my favorite place on earth – Big Bend National Park. My plan while I am here is really to take a break from it all. I’ll break this down a little more when I have some time to process and put into a readable linear format for you, but for now, I just wanted to catch you up.

For a little more details of whats up and for more of a live view of what’s going on, check The Gram to stay updated.

3 thoughts on “I”M BACK! LET’S CATCH UP

  1. I LOVE this post! And your story & general attitude. Keeping things light, exciting & open to the flow 🙂 I’ve been car dwelling the past year and the growth factor is incredibly rewarding/enlightening…it’s not easy to describe the experience. I’m back on the east coast to recoup & am thirsting for the road again! Love love love your enthusiasm & what you’ve done with the campers~~~

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