Is #HotelPrius Still A Thing?

Hello Friends!
Wow! It still blows me away how many of you still write to me and share with me your stories and your generous words thanking me for inspiring you to get out there and explore, to travel, and and to see the world. I have been so honored to be play such a small role in so many of your journeys – or at least be able to partly inspire them. It also makes me laugh a bit when I see or read of post from one of you, outfitting your Prius and making it resemble mine. I saw one guy even named his car #PriusInn and I think that’s Awesome.

I have to admit though, the lifestyle I once lived, feels so long ago for me. It’s only been a few years, but I certainly have kept myself busy since then. But to answer you questions: No, #Hoteprius has not been a thing for quite some time – at least not in hotel form;). I do still drive it from time to time and is still going strong at 236K miles!! Can you believe it? I certainly can’t. This thing is a machine. #Prius4lyfe.

If you want to know what #Hotelprius is doing now, I’m happy to share: Check out the website to see what I’ve been up to. This is me now. I think I’m what…. 31 years old now – Yikes!

In short, I’ve started a design and construction company called #HomeIsHowYouBuildIt. Sounds Familiar? Some of you already made the connection. It was inspired from the popular hashtag #HomeIsWhereYouParkIt. I started building vans and buses and little campers for a few years then finally transitioned to homes – mostly design and remodeling. I really like it. It’s been a really exciting time in my life but BUSY to say the least. Aren’t we all? Sadly, I haven’t too much cared about sharing my life with the world as of late. I’ve been keeping everything relatively private, even with the new business. Not for any particular reason other than I haven’t made time for it, and honestly I’ve really just always struggled with the role of social media in my life. I learned it had a pretty big influence on my day-to-day life and I felt my quality of life was better without it. I post from time to time but I must admit I do it mostly because I feel it out of obligation to stay “relevant” -or whatever that means. I’m happy to still talk about it, but the desire to be known by strangers became less and less appealing to me as time (and I suppose myself) grew on.

If you want to still connect with me or have questions about the #HotelPrius Lifestyle, I’m still here and check in from time to time. The best way to get a hold of me though is through my website.

It’s been real friends! Happy Travels!

Chris (#HotelPrius)

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