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My name is Chris. I’m 25. I’m on a journey to figure out life, love, and God. And have a little adventure every now and again. Alot of my life has been spent in transition. As a kid I grew up in various children’s homes and foster care systems all over Texas. I’ve moved and relocated more times than I can count and until high school, I never spent more than a year at the same school. Now a college graduate, I’m back to what I know, simply because I’ve had plenty of practice over the years to get it right. Living out of my car is nothing new to me and is something I’ve learned to get pretty good at. In the meantime, until I find the right work, I choose to live out of my car. I’m not forced to. Not this time. This time I choose to because I don’t see the point in paying for overpriced “living quarters” and would rather save the money I make, and focus my energy on other things, like writing. This lifestyle allows me to write and save money in order to move forward faster and more efficiently. So I’m giving this a shot, the most efficient way I know how. I know its not for everyone, but for the purposes of holding myself accountable to keep writing, and for the small chance there is someone out there, who can learn from my skillset, I’ve chosen to start this blog. Follow me, see what happens.


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  1. I found this page many months ago after a basic google search: “Can I camp in my Prius”… and have been hooked ever since. Your blog is a wonderful inspiration, especially to us recent-grad 20-somethings. You should give some serious thought to having it filmed and -most importantly- incorporate your many messages so that the world can understand. Shoot me an email if you’re interested, I would love to help.

    • Hahah that’s great! Good for you! I couldn’t tell you. I have no idea. Few years old. 2013 model maybe. 3/4 zip

  2. @Chris, I stumbled across you on pintrest somehow while searching “car camping” This is what I’ve been looking to do, but on a larger scale (I have a Suburban) and I’m NOT in my 20’s 🙂 Call it a mid-life crisis. Anyway, good to read your adventures. Thanks for posting!

  3. Hi! I found your site through buzzfeed. I was wondering if you would email me cuz I’m so incredibly intrigued. I’m only in high school, but j could totally see myself doing this one day. Thanks!

    • My advice Maddie. Find a great school and go with your college buddies.

      It’s really easy for people like BuzzFeed to over romanticize a lifestyle like mine. All I can tell you is, it’s not for everyone, and not all glitter and roses. And is especially difficult for women and girls your age. By all means, I encourage you to take a road trip, and even buy a Prius! But go to College and make great friends and go together after graduation. I can guarantee you it will be 1000 times more fun!

      Trust me.😉

      Best of luck!
      Chris Sawey

    • I write pretty extensively about that exact topic. But in short, yes it can, when your not distracting yourself with traveling. Everything is better when shared.

  4. Hello Chris,

    I hope this finds you well and in good health. I am a TV producer at Alhurra TV a sister channel of Voice of America. I was wondering if we can interview you via Skype next Thursday (10-15) at 10:00 AM EDT. please reply to my comment to get back to you with the rest of the information.

    • Hi Mayada,

      Thanks for contacting me. Honestly, I’m not used to all this attention and my phone and emails blowing up.

      If it is OK with you, I would like to get back to you. I can tell you right now that that time will not work but that does not mean I’m not open to talking or chatting at a later time or date. This is all a surprise to me and something I will have to juggle.

      I appreciate you reaching out. And hope we can find a time to chat soon.

      Thanks again.

  5. Chris,
    This must be the most obvious question but didn’t you back up all your work? It’s horrible that you got robbed but hard drives can fail on their own. What is preventing you from recreating the work you had on it?

    • Hi nick. Actually I’m glad you asked. I’m seeing a lot of comments on the subject of people wondering the same thing. So when I was in Georgia I did a huge data dump with all my pictures and videos of my road trip. Mistakenly I left my laptop, and my backup hard drives in the same bag in the back seat when I did. The same bag with all of my cameras and lenses and a bunch of other stuff. It was before the icloud so unfortunately when they stole my bag, they walked off with everything, even the backups. I recovered as many files as I could from emails but that did very little to help me recover the way I needed. It’s unfortunate and I definitely miss having access to much of the things that could’ve helped me make the transition a little easier. Not to mention the pictures and videos from when I was a kid. But I’m okay now.

      Thanks for asking.

      It’s in the past.

  6. Chris, maybe it’s coincidence, maybe it’s God but this is what I’ve been searching for. For the past few months I’ve been having a pretty severe existential crisis (or as severe as it can get for a senior in high school) I want to do something besides work, pay bills and die. I want to go to college but I want to travel. I’ve been thinking about living put of my car once I graduate college and in between years, but haven’t been able to find any places with advice. Not everyone is as spontaneous as yourself. I’m experimenting over the summer with a cross country train trip and I’m not stranger to small spaces and limited showers or bathrooms (I live in Africa for two weeks every summer). I guess I’m just trying to say thanks and also wish me luck. I plan on getting a roof top tent so I have more trunk space. but as far as full on living out of my car, that won’t be happening too soon. However, random camping trips will probably frequent my schedule. Keep on keeping on dude!

  7. We are all so moved…in awe, and wondering if we could have this experience. I was reading the comments and you were so right about how the story gets romanticized to the point of making us wishing we could do it, overlooking the struggle and the real need of why you had to do it. More than wanting to live in my car, it made me feel so eager for adventure; saving money, packing my bags and moving to a new place and start from zero, that is what I got from your experience: I need to push the reset button and begin, again, in a new city, in a new place.
    The best of lucks with the future, my admiration and good vibes go all the way to you.
    Keep it up!

  8. I agree with what Rachel said, I love the idea of travel, and I honestly love the idea of living life on the road in my jeep or in a little camper. I love the idea of an escape into the wild and the unknown. Your story and your adventure is truly inspiring, it makes me want to pack up my most precious things, grab my boyfriend hand, grab my dogs leashes and just drive away. I’m going to continue following your adventure and maybe some day I’ll grow a pair and go on my own 😉

    • Hi Morgan. Thank you for your message, I always love to read fellow adventures dreams. I think you had the right idea, grab your boyfriend hands and go for it! Maybe find a sitter for the dogs because I’m sure taking just one of them would be unfair to the other, and both would take up a lot of space.

      Anyways, glad to inspire you and thank you for the follow. Hopefully I will be able to give back something more than just a life experience out of a car.

  9. I stumbled upon your blog while googling “living in car” since I’m going through a similar situation as a recent college grad myself. I found your story absolutely inspring. I was wondering what kind of prius you’re driving, a Prius, Prius c, or Prius v, and if you ever post pictures of your set up. I’d love to see what you did for your Hotel Prius to give me some ideas on what to do for my set up.

    Thanks so much. I look forward to following you and your adventures on your blog some more!


    • Hi Libby. Thanks for the message. I drive a 2008 prius touring. The normal one. Also if you visit the Hotelprius page (or Pinterest) you can see how I set everything up.

  10. Hi, I stumbled upon your story from a link on OMG Facts on Facebook. So I googled your name and #hotelprius. I have always been drawn to these type of stories. Your story reminds me of Christopher McCandless AKA Alex Supertramp, his was a a true story as well, except he chose to live off the land, which cost him his life. Anyway, you should read his story ‘Into The Wild’. My question for you is this, do you still live out of car as of October 2015?


    • Hi Melissa.

      Thanks for kind words. I’m very familiar with Chris. I read his book years ago and saw the movie too.

      So Hotel Prius is not my main living situation but I do stay in it from time to time

  11. Sorry, Melissa, again. I have so many questions. Like do you have a post office box for snail mail? I would think, one would need a physical mailing address for the registration on the Prius, and for taxes.

  12. Hey Chris! I found out about your interesting story from Buzzfeed. I thought I’d write you an offer… if you ever find yourself in the Burlington VT area, hit me up. I may be able to get you a place to crash, a few good meals in exchange for good stories 🙂
    Keep rolling!

  13. Hi Chris,
    I ran across your story (as many others have) on Buzzfeed, then watched your videos on youtube. It’s inspired me, and I’m considering doing something similar between now and Christmas. I’m currently in a suburb just outside of LA, and my current situation is pretty depressing. I’ve always liked the idea of simplicity… having just what you need and nothing more (but also struggled with wanting “things”!). I see you’re now in Austin- I actually lived there for a few years and have considered moving back. But before that, an adventure feels right. Would love to keep in touch… I’m sure I’ll need some pointers / advice!

  14. Hi Chris,
    I saw your story on BF and… wow. I think that to find that kind of path is the ultimate goal for each one. In your case, I assume, is live you life in your own terms, with the big results that come along with the simplest aspects of life. Isn’t that for everyone?

    A college, a family, a house, kids… I mean… is that all? I respect deeply that kind of objectives for those who like and choose them for their own.

    But for me, life is just so much more. For me life is to find myself with happiness and tranquility. Chris I wish to you all the love and joy you can find.

    I send you a bunch of hugs from Colombia.

    Sigue adelante Chris, y siempre ten tu meta alta para que el cielo nunca sea el limite.

    mis mas afectusos saludos

    Ana María

    pd: I f you decide to past with your Prius for South America tell us! so we can go drink tinto 😀

  15. This is really awesome! I saw your video on buzzfeed, and it really inspired me. I have always wanted to travel, but housing is always a problem, this solves all of it… Thanks! =) I’m currently in a blogging class, were we get to create a blog of any sort, mine is on travel. I couldn’t help but mention your blog and your story =)

  16. Chris, I stumbled upon one of your videos on YouTube and ever since then I’m hooked onto them. I’ve been an avid reader of your blog, it’s really awesome! Your journey is inspiring people beyond America. I wish you the very best for your future endeavours. Keep making a difference in people’s lives.

    With love from India.

  17. Hi Chris!

    I plan on doing this exact thing and when I googled for more info on it, found your buzzfeed video & then your blog. The way you live life, with such positivity is awesome!

    Do you have an email address I can contact you at? Or can you email me? I just have a few practical questions about living out of my car…

    Thanks & hope your doing great 🙂

    • Hey!

      Sorry I don’t know your name. Yeah go ahead and email me and ask me whatever questions you have and I will do my best to answer them soon. Currently in Portland, but if you put the questions in a list format I will answer them quickly. Most of what you need to know should be located on the blog however.

      Ask away.
      Email isosawey@Gmail.com

  18. What do you do for a 911 address when it comes to working at tax forms and such? I have been curious because I have considered trying the tiny house movement and going that route. I know a lot of places refuse p.o.box addresses.

    • I don’t need an address. I’m sure I’ve missed a lot of mail, but what I don’t really th no about it. For taxes I just tell my employer I’ll pick up my W2s.

  19. Ride this wave before life happens again! We have done kinda the same . Our truck was ”taken” so we are marooned . It has also been a blessing. Sending all positive vibes your way.

  20. I applaud you on your resourcefulness and your wisdom in saving money for your future. You should be very proud. Very proud indeed!


  21. Feel free to contact me if you find yourself looking for various options/solutions. I was once very much like you and I share my knowledge and ability to find solutions with many many people. I have mad skills that fit all types of people and I no longer charge since retiring. I just enjoy sharing my knowledge with others.

  22. Way back about 30 years ago I had the dream of bicycling across the US but I never put that together. You are inspiring. Now as an old lady I dream of camping with my Standard Prius but I wonder if I can actually sleep in it with the back closed. Do you have the Prius V?

  23. Hey so great I found your blog! I am starting my own business in video productions and I have to do some recordings around Europe. But because my budget is a little small I searched for ideas how I could transform my Ford C-max into a confty campingvan: I found your blog and your pictures and they inspired me immediately! Thanks a lot!

  24. Awesome story man, I have a few questions. Do you think I should live in a car in a cold-weather city? Or should the weather ideally be hot so that night time isn’t brutal cold? Also, if I’m 6 foot 2, would I fit sleeping inside a prius? Also, are solar panels and power absolutely necessary to survive in a car?

    • Hey DJS.
      Thank you. Let’s see.
      1. Cold weather cities with the proper sleeping bag (Sierra designs 12° drydown bag) is my favorite. It’s the hot weather you should be concerned about. It’s much easier to warm-up then to cool off.
      2. My friend is 6 foot-2 and he fits inside is Prius. He just has to push his passenger seat all the way up and create a custom foam mattress for The space. He also loses all available front seat storage. So it definitely is possible, unfortunately not as efficient.
      3. Solar panels are not necessary although very helpful. I survived several months without them.

      Hope This is helpful

      • I just did the west coast to no.Cal and had to get motels 2 nites but then I’m old and very spoiled by my home.
        I had to come to your site to see if u got out of car living. Not yet. It’s been a long time. Come us3 my spare bed a few days if in ever are in noID. Use my shower.

  25. Good Morning!

    I stumbled upon your blog the other day and I felt like I had found my “bible”. In the last month I have decided to make the transition into mobile life. With my job as an outdoor educator and my passions, my life is always on the go and usually in a tent. Although the lifestyle change has been on my heart for a while, as a 24 year old female, I’ve grown accustomed to the security of four walls. Knowing I wouldn’t make this move on my own, I asked the universe for something. If I was meant to live the mobile life, that would become my only option. Within two days I revived news from my landlords that I needed to move out. “Well alright universe…this is it”, now with my Subaru Outback and a trust in myself I’m making this radical lifestyle change. I’m super stoked and can’t wait for experience, but I would be lying if I didn’t address my fears diving in. And then I found #hotelprius. You answered every question I had, putting away any anxiety I was holding onto. I am extremely grateful for your advice. What I really appreciated is how you translated your passion during the experience. Reading your story and how you grew interpersonally throughout your journies made me more excited than ever to start my journey!

    Keep writing and spreading the stoke!

  26. Hey Chris, mah dude!

    Okay. I’ve definitely loved following your story over the past couple years and you’re inspiring me to make the same move. Part of why I bought a Prius was the ability to sleep in the back and the fuel economy, and it’s paid off on camping and road trips, but I’m itching towards the possibility of a daily experience. I would love to pick your brain about the finer details of some of the trickier aspects of Prius life, most notably: refrigeration, cooking, dishes, and of course parking.

    I did about 2 weeks in my car when I moved to LA but didn’t have a sustainable system in place. Now that I have a job and some stability I’m looking to invest into making the Prius equipped for the long term. (Side note: saw you just passed through LA and SD. SD is my hometown, and LA is my current town. Also if you ever want to go climbing outdoors when you’re in LA feel free to hit me up!)

    You can get back to me at mail.p.chag@gmail.com


    Peter Chagnon

    • Hey Pete. Yeah man i’m still here in LA and was playing to hit up some indoor climbing gyms tomorrow before heading out to San Francisco on the 6th.

      That’s grab a cuppa coffee and we can talk about it.

      Around tomorrow?

  27. As a mom I can’t help be be super proud of you. You haven’t let your past define your future but instead let your resilience overcome basic fears so you can obtain greatness. Continue to live your dreams and congratulations on a life worth living. 🙂

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