#MorningMusings // Sirens

IMG_2228The vibration of my phone under my¬†shoulder breaks my sleep. Immediately I can hear the sounds of city sirens roaring past the streets below me. My car is neatly tucked away in a small corner of the fifth floor parking garage on Congress and 1st. As I lay still, my eyes fading in and out of consciousness, I take notice of the sirens beginning to slowly fade, until I can’t hear them anymore. I doze off again and a awake a few minutes later. I’ve forgotten where I am. I open my eyes. Through my back window I can see the city that I have come to know and admire in our last few weeks together. The air is brisk. Even through my fog covered windows I can feel the outside air. It’s colder today then it has been lately, but I like it. It reminds me of Boston- my old home.

#MorningMusings // Early

a936089281fb11e3814912fd835e96ae_8It’s early. I slip on my sandals and grab my pack from the front seat that is already preloaded with the days essentials and slowly make my way up the small steps to the double glass doors of the YMCA. The only thing in my mind is the warm water that will run down my face and back from the locker room showers. This is where I bath. Not everyday, but on days where I need it. For $25 a month I have access to every Austin YMCA in the area. A water bill alone in this city is more expensive than that. I’m lucky. I guess privacy is a perk to your own bathroom, but I don’t mind. After you’ve seen so many old-people butts, you kind of just get used to it. I like getting here early to get dibs on the warmest water and best showers. I like the shower in the corner. It’s got the best water pressure and most room. I take my time. It’s a holiday today and my week doesn’t really start until tomorrow. The day is mine to do what I want with. All 86,400 seconds of it. What will I do next? My options are plentiful.

#MorningMusings // Rooftop

IMG_0054I open my eyes and for a moment I forget where I am. My back is against the window and I can feel the small draft through the window. Sleepily, I raise my head and take in a deep breathe through my nose. Exhale. I arch my back and turn around to look out my window. Perfect! What a beautiful way to wake up. Immediately I take notice to the water. Like glass, reflecting the trees and small buildings across the river. I nexttake notice to the family of ducks playing and flapping in the water, breaking the illusion of glass, reminding me that I share this moment with the animals that have lived here from the beginning. As I lay cocooned in my sleeping bag, still, I watch. I watch as the sun makes it’s way through the small openings of my curtains and I feel it’s warmth on my face and neck. I lay in its warmth for several moments as my eyes adjust and transition to the bridge. Commuters. People sharing this beautiful city with me. These people, all going the same way briefly, but will eventually arrive at different destinations by the mornings end.

#MorningMusings // One Month In

IMG_0062Today marks 1 month if living in Hotel Prius. It has been interesting to say the least. I gotta say, it’s do-able. Obviously, its a temporary gig and I don’t plan to do this for the rest of my life, but one thing is for sure, I’ve saved a ton of money just after 1 month. People ask me if I’m tired of it yet? Honestly, not really. It’s worth it. The benefits outweigh the cost any day. I have my systems and my routines and have even developed some consistency. In case your unsure of why I’m doing this. I’m doing this because one, I don’t want to pay for an apartment I don’t need and two, I’m still looking for the right job to land. It’s tough work finding jobs. In my free time I search and apply for jobs and this is a process that takes some time. Signing a least only limits my options. I’m mobile. I work. And I have the freedom to go or do what I want. It’s not for everyone, but it works for me. I’m happy.

#MorningMusings // To be Expected

5d1878846be711e3a3ef0e7d4056843c_8Warm thoughts. Think warm thoughts. It’s 34 degrees this morning and I’ll do anything to stay cocooned in my sleeping bag. My pillow is cold. So cold it feels wet, but I like it. I rub my face in it multiple times until the warmth of my skin reheats the pillow. This mornings’ wake up call is different. I can hear the opening of closing of car doors. The last few days of rain has caused the creek to rise a few inches, making this place somewhat of a not-so best kept secret. I open my eyes and see an older woman cupping her hands around my front window, peeping in. I’m startled, but I make eye contact to make it more uncomfortable for her than me. It works. She hurries back to her car and I can hear her say, “There is someone sleeping in there.” Feeling a little invaded I question, Who does that? Who looks through someone’s car like that? I get out to make it more awkward. She’s by her car now. “Sorry, sorry. We were just curious,” she says. “It’s okay” I say,trying to be friendly, but at the same time letting her know it’s not so polite to look through someone’s car especially when there are curtains. I smile and wave to let her know we are cool. She must feel so uncomfortable. I wait for her to leave and begin my morning routine. This stuff is bound to happen every once in awhile I guess. Just take it and run with it.

Week 1 Photos

Welp, Today marks 1 full week of life in the #hotelprius. I’ve gathered a few photos of the adventure and posted them below, each with small descriptions for each picture.