#MorningMusings // Frost

IMG_0005“Oh no! Poor girls” I thought as I rolled in my sleeping bag, probably for the last time this morning. It is cold. 31 degrees. Colder than usual. It is 7:18, the sun is barely coming up and out my window I can see it inching its way down the cedar tree lined rolling hills. I can see the lake from where I’m parked, through the cactus patches and the small whisper of smoke from last nights fire, I see a thin sheet of glass- it’s the lake. We are on a small peninsula in Texas. It’s the girls first time camping and wanted to give them a good experience as they pass through from L.A. to Boston. I’m excited to get up to greet this landscape for the first time. “I hope the girls made it through last night” I think, as I step out of my car. Oh no, frost! Time to nurture that fire back to life, then coffee. I begin my day.

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